I am an Academic Assessment Coordinator (exam manager) at UNE COM.  I work with students, faculty and staff to construct, distribute, and grade exams using ExamSoft software.  Prior to obtaining this position I was a manager at a Credit Union based in Scarborough, Maine.

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Upon starting this brand new role, I felt that I was able to observe the functions of the position and determine how I could improve the entire process.  A few new things that I implemented were:

  • Digital archiving of any paper testing materials
  • Create, present, and run a mock exam session for incoming students during Orientation
  • Collaborate with faculty to streamline the exam construction process (typically exams have questions from 5 or more faculty, and many times they are adjunct faculty)
  • Learn technological aspects of the software and assist students with troubleshooting issues (in the past this was only handled by the Integration Technology Managers)
  • Train any incoming faculty on the ExamSoft program

Below is a PDF file of the first Power Point presentation I have ever created.  The purpose was to orient incoming students to ExamSoft.   ExamSoft has online guides, but I needed to provide a presentation showing how COM specifically uses the program.  I worked on all of the screenshots and dialogue.   I also had to present this to a group of 180 students, which was also a huge step in my professional development.

Rat Interactive Session OMK I Boot Camp